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What if …? -A spiritual guidance for the third millennium!

What if the truth behind the open-projected world is infinitely greater and more sublime than anything we could think so far?

What if we could discover that truth, only with the right questions and our brilliant mind?

What if …? With precisely that question, you should examine everything you find on these pages.

We live at the end of an era that is characterized by education, science and material possessions. Almost all decisions of our contemporary “managers”, whether in business, politics or anywhere else, are justified by scientific or logical analysis and verifiable figures. Hence any kind of “spiritual” decision cannot be justified.

This “logic” is deeply illogical because certain key aspects of reality are faded out completely! We also never were dealing with spiritual issues at ease. Therefore, we know almost nothing about it. We conveniently leave this subject to the religions. According to general opinion, our daily has nothing to do with it. It is precisely this attitude that should be tackled here.

We will see that the logical approach to spirituality has much to do with “sustainability” – also a term that manager have started to use only recently, without losing their “reputation”.

When it comes to the crucial questions, then they are simply been wrongly worded. With a suitable question, the answers include deep spiritual truth.

Let us experience Spirituality here, only with the help of our own logic and with helpful questions!

One example:

Eternity – you have ever tried to imagine it?

We pause and try to get an idea. How does it feel –“Forever”?

Not only hours, days, years, decades, centuries, millennia, not millions or billions of years, but an infinite number. Infinite.

Let´s start with a thought about the known universe. It is existing since perhaps 18 billion years. How much longer will it exist? And even if it would collapse one day, a new one would be born in another big bang. This will happen again and again. And before ours there was another one.

You certainly know the following little parable. Each year, a small sparrow flies to the summit of Mount Everest and sharpens its beak on the rock. One day far, far in the future, the whole mountain will finally be eroded away. And then only, one single second of eternity has passed.

Have this in mind?

Now, go back in time. Go to the beginning of the universe, the Big Bang. Now go further into the last universe which has collapsed. Go back to the start of that previous universe. Repeat that again and again until the first universe… Exactly. – There wasn´t such!

Do you start to feel it? The dimension of the infinite? Now let´s close our eyes for ten seconds and we feel the infinite.

Do it … please. Take even 20 seconds or more if you like …

And now we try to imagine the opposite. imagine that nothing ever would have come into existence at all.

Read slowly and keep short pause after each line!

What if …

… we would never were been born?

… our earth wouldn´t be?

… there would be no sun and no other star?

… neither the Milky Way nor any other galaxy would have ever emerged?

… there would be neither dust, nor light, nor energy?

… not the black void would exist – and not even time?

Nothing – absolutely nothing.

Pause, and dive into this absolute nothingness. Endless falling.

Imagine that the “being” itself, would have never had decided to be?


But after all – IT IS!

You are!

I am!

Can you feel the joy?
Welcome to the mystery!

And welcome to InSpiritMe.com!


Frank Heinzler

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