Sep 242016
Nov 142015

Maintaining a peaceful mind in the time of terror is an incredible challenge!
But these are the moments of determination about which world I decide to live in,
the world that I wish for my child and the next seven generations to come
and maybe even for another life of mine!
I cannot change a terrorists mind – I only can change mine.
This is my part in the big game of shifting the ages.
Blessings to all of us!

Frank Heinzler –


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Sep 202014


Long time ago, the human race was divided according  of
their skin. Each was given a sacred guardianship about the elements,
with their helpful and also destructive powers:

To the red about the earth and what is growing on it.

To the black: about the water, out of which the majority of our body is made of.

To the yellow: about the air and it´s streaming energies.

To the white: about the fire, which is today mainly driving our outside world!

One day, they all will reunite and share their wisdom for the well-being
of all creatures on this planet. Then they will found a great, beautiful
civilization of peace and learning!

Frank Heinzler –

Jul 062014

What if there was no superior being?

What if the only thing that is, is the existence itself?

What if we therefore are all interconnected?

Hej you, smart person – Think!


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Frank Heinzler –

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